Watercolor + Possibilities in Screwing Up

watercolor-birds tree
Birds Tree – Watercolor (unfinished…)

Three days ago I had been wandering around in the above. The title “Birds Tree” is seemingly unfitting this painting without the knowledge there will be birds upon it’s branches…

Today I reside here, writing the tenth draft{at the very least} of this post. I suffer innumerable crashes in my internet connection.

The Joys of Country Living
Most overrated!

I also “participate in” therapy on Wednesday. However of late and for ME, painting is more healing than anything else.
What cannot be expressed with color?

I digress… often…

I have been at work on Tree’s right side ~ nothing of note on the left.
And lots of fun with new shades of golds, blues and reds. EVERYTHING! And a firm grip upon 1/2″-1″ flat brushes. A different shade on each side of the brush, sometimes a third in the middle.
And of course, smacked onto wet paper.
Blame my errant color tastes upon Synesthesia!

Y U M! Gustatory-Visual synesthesia to be exact.

Yes… brave and/or a lunatic!
Or perhaps even both… Trust me, it is possible.

You know what they say about a painting becoming too precious?

You will

To do one’s best work, do not refuse the possibility of screwing up!
Methinks wise words for all areas of life.

In 2008…

I began musing publicly on Blogger and decided it was time for a change when Blogger became Google. Contentment was finally achieved with WordPress after a brief stab at Typepad. Both previous blogs have been deleted, not easy with Google!

watercolor-birds tree

My Synesthetic Moments

My synesthetic moments in this painting are many but those lovely passages from deep rose to lavender to pink with yellow underneath? Yes. See the thin, third larger branch up. That lavender shade is by Holbein and the light pink is probably DS Rhodonite or Q.Cherry Red, for those who like to know.
And a yellow I do like is Hansa.
{bottom right corner, below}

An Explanation Maybe…

To explain both of my charts is truly impossible. It would probably mean recording myself step by step. Especially since I wrote upside down in places. Besides that, sometimes I forget which went where{thus recording may not be bad?!}. This is as accurate as I ever get in keeping colors’ names straight!

Recently I bought a few new tubes!  Some of mine were ancient and too crusty to come out! {I know how that feels…}
Or a cap is cemented on and one twist breaks the tube in half. Besides there are so many luscious new shades to try!!

After spending a fortune, I needed to see… This is the result along with some oldies still flowing.

Since I am missing many of the blue shades in the above chart…

color chart
another color chart

I have included the second chart (above).
As you can see…
{non-painters can snack on cookies}

I will try anything once!
Holbein, DaVinci, Grahamn, Richardson, WN, Sennelier, Daniel Smith…

I am sure I forgot a few but I don’t feel like going upstairs to Coyote Moon Studio in the tree house. That is my little art studio. I paint late into the night when coyotes are baying at the moon, whether it’s there or not!

I will use whatever provides the color “hit” I seek (need to taste!) And some brands have distinguishing characteristics that make them special. Like Grahamn and their honey formula. I am never loyal. Don’t hate me…

If I were to pick two brands, they would be Daniel Smith and Holbein… or Grahamn. Or Winsor Newton or…?


26 thoughts on “Watercolor + Possibilities in Screwing Up

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  2. Holymoly……I’m not a painter but it’s sooooooooooo lovely. The colours are so vibrant and gorgeous.
    And I like the bitty guy on the branch just kinda hangin’. And the swan.
    And the blues……what stunning colours……

    1. Hi Mel… and thanks much for your kind words. they really made me smile, your comment on the swan and the bitty guy hangin'” 🙂 you are so funny! i am looking forward to painting my birds but need to do this part first i think…maybe. who knows, i really don’t. much love, sweetsxxx

  3. Good evening Dearest Linda~

    “To do one’s best work, do not refuse the possibility of screwing up! Methinks wise words for life …”

    Spoken like a TRUE artist! And you are so right….without the acceptance of screwing up, one can never attain one’s best work – that’s what my time as an actor taught me. You have to abandon yourself and be willing to make mistakes, in order to get to the heart!

    LOVELY pieces you share here. Your use of vibrant color always astounds me. And it’s very interesting to view these color charts because I had no idea an artist works this way.

    I’m loving the lavenders and the blues. Also, those rosy colors. Just, stunning!

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend. This post was such an eye-opener for those of us who don’t paint.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Linda! Hope you’re feeling better!

    (((((( You )))))))


    1. yes, this is probably the one truism i live by…not clinging. no perfection because it always is already. it’s illusion if one thinks anything one does is perfect. and if you are doing a face, isn’t it the same or perhaps even more so. what pressure to do that right!! and acting?? OMG, there is no way but probably i could do it if i “felt” the part enough. i can be a good screaming maniac if needed. .. not that that is called for often.

      thank you for your kind words on my work. and appreciation of my color choices. when you say you had no idea about the color charts, i think most are much MORE ORGANIZED than me. i tend to make little dots on the side of the paper, truth be told but needed to get a sense of these and how they moved around with each other. did that make sense? hoping you have a good weekend. my birthday is sunday, earth day! haahaa, 😀 happy bday to me! xxxx

  4. Happy birthday to sweet Linda, Happy birthday to you! I hope your day is filled with all that you hold most dear.

    I’m with Ron. I had no idea that you’d make charts with colors. Interesting, and beautiful. Kind of like quilt making, all the planning and matching, and designing. I guess I thought the colors just flowed from your brain, down your arm, into your fingers and out unto the canvas, resulting in the farm or the bird tree!

    Love the colors of The Bird Tree!

    Happy birthday to you! OOOOXXXX

    1. AH THANK YOU!!! much love to you, I hope you have a lovely spring weekend. We are having lovely weather here right now…famous last words! actually a bit too hot!

      as to the charts, i do mostly what you describe … just let it flow excepting if i have new paint in a shade i don’t know AT ALL! i also found i do avoid some issues if i know ahead what will happen when two or more colors collide on my slick paper. 🙂 you can imagine if you have ever played with WC. but yes, a bit of thought needs to happen or else…. !!
      xoxoxox sweet marge

  5. Hey, I’m here. HERE! Halleluia! The sun shall rise in the west tonight–grin!!!!

    Real nice–the paintings, and how you take a neophyte like me and guide him through to see exactly how you work.
    I’ve stated that before, and happy that you do not tire of that exercise…even though you ARE tired–grin!

    Water color is not my favorite. Guess I tried it once–for about 3 minutes!– and colors were everywhere I did not want,; on trousers, violin case, patent leather shoes. hands (and of course, then…nose LOL!)

    Hey I really gotta go, rehearse and wedding.
    Love and PEACE to you Linda. Hope you feel better day by day

    1. when i read these words and WC:

      Guess I tried it once–for about 3 minutes!– and colors were everywhere I did not want,; on trousers, violin case, patent leather shoes. hands (and of course, then…nose LOL!)

      you had me laughing hysterically because i too experienced that BUT there is one difference i suppose…i did not care 🙂 and we all have our loves, music being one of yours. NOT painting! tho acrylics or oils may be your cuppa if you were to desire….that i doubt. xoo

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YA SAY? OMG! Well, I wish you everything also which you would like, a pain-free Spring and Summer–on-the-farm!

    1. good morning steve, thank you for the wish for my birthday…it is a brilliant one and one i am sure i will attain, if not this year, then then the next! xox

  7. I also like to keep a paintbox handy for those time when I need a quick mixture of something just a little different to intensify or enhance an area. Yarka has some very nice hues for those ‘special’ moments. 🙂

    1. good morning my dear susan…yarka? hmmm, i remember this brand from somewhere but don’t remember seeing it around for some time. perhaps i just haven’t “seen” it. because i wasn’t looking… you have me intrigued and i do NOT need that. i spend TOO MUCH MONEY on paint as it is…but i will check it out anyway…is there a best place, price wise? so many places for art supplies online these days.

      xoxox and good luck on the apt. hunt. hoping the weather is good. i have been watching “frozen planet” on discovery and cannot help but think of you . 🙂 xxx

      1. I already had a large watercolor selection when I arrived here but got my Yarka pans (Professional and Extended) from Dick Blick. I still like mixing up odd shades inside the lid and every so often rather than washing them after a painting I’ll leave them in case I need some color inspiration next time 🙂 With that in mind I also keep the old Pelikan sets close too.

        1. hi! left you a little quick note on the dzogchen post to explain my short answer. see you later when i can write. xxx

  8. ps: I almost forgot I came by to offer my best wishes for a sweet and wonderful Birthday to you.

    1. you are very sweet, my sweet susan…thank you so much for remembering. and much love too xoxo.

      1. I hope you had a very good day. Today would have been my Mother’s birthday – always have liked Taureans.



    Have a WONDERFUL day, dear friend!

    ((((( You ))))))


    1. ron, you made me smile this morning…i didn’t come online yesterday/dumb connection still acting up. so i appreciate this today….and i am glad it’s over. bdays are one of those days i find to be trying and fine at the same time….too much emotional charge-if you know what i mean. and i am hoping you don’t. xox

  10. You had a birthday!

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to YOU

    Happy Birthday to YouUUuuuuUUUUuuuuu

    <– sings loud and off key just so ya know……

    1. Hey Mel…I am behind my behind!! Thank you my dear for your kind remembrance and the singing. Wow, what a voice!! 😉 xoxoxo

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