Turkey lovers, baby calves…. What is that terrible noise?!

sky views of city below and clouds

I live in the country ~ far out in the country. You thought a “Country Woman” wasn’t quite that sort of country? Nay nay… I do live far out in the wilds, about 20 minutes from the closest little “city”. But compared to where I lived before, I’m close to town.

There is so much wildlife on this place, it forgets to act “wild” much of the time. Take turkeys for instance. Or deer or raccoons or skunks, snakes, huge spiders… yes, spiders do qualify as “wildlife” here!

Turkeys are intelligent birds despite their rather very awkward, even ridiculous appearance. They also have a keen sense of sight and hearing that is rather amazing. (Otherwise there’d be less of them… ) They are also fearless. I often wondered if stupid was a more apt description but now, years later, I know they are not faking that wily fearlessness because they have not been shot!

turkeysA fine specimen!

Turkeys lay approximately a dozen eggs once or (heaven forbid) twice a season. That’s quite a few turkeys given there’s already hundreds. Thousands. Millions of the creatures strutting around this place.

Last night I noticed a multitude of large flapping wings in the front field. At first I thought it was vultures enjoying their dinner but it was the almighty turkey. Males to be exact. I counted 10 male turkeys squabbling and chasing 2 females.

turkeys in the field

The females easily outwitted them because the males started chasing each other instead! Later I looked over to see they were still chasing each other as the females happily clucked an acre away! So you see… they send mixed messages on the intelligence quotient.

I try very hard to like them but when they trample my flower beds, do their business on my lawn furniture, look into my {previously clean} windows, pecking at that stubborn reflection staring back at them or decide to gossip with each other at the crack of dawn, my “trying” quickly turns to

“Where’s my BB gun”! 

big turkey
Hunk’a hunk’a burnin’ luuuuuvv

It is now spring in my part of the world. That would be Sonoma County. We have hardly had a winter but the calendar says it’s spring and so do the male turkeys. If I were to trust one or the other, I would lay odds the turkey were more correct in timing.

He has been strutting about for over an hour! And no, she did not notice…she strutted herself away… far away.


12 thoughts on “Turkey lovers, baby calves…. What is that terrible noise?!

  1. Holy moly……I must have dropped in at an inopportune time. Suddenly what was on readable white, is now on unreadable quilting blocks–which are way cool by the way! I like the quilt look cuz I’m a once-upon-a-time quilter. (darn that the eyesight has compromised doing that to a standard I hold myself to….*sigh*)

    Oh….and no thanks to the gluten free recipe. LOL No offense–I have himself experimenting on me ALL THE TIME. Giving him ammunition for that is a very baddddddddddd plan!

    But yes thank you, I like Mr. Turkey Lurkey…..at your house, pecking your windows, uprooting your plants, etc, etc…. (You’ll note the use of the word YOUR…..no, not very ‘sharing’ of me, huh? Ummm…..I’d hate to deprive you of all that FUN! LOL)
    I did enjoy the photos though.
    They make me laugh at their silliness, interpersonally with each other. Notsomuch with the messiness they can create for human beings if they so choose. LOL
    I’m glad they chose you! 😉
    And I’m loving the photos!
    MOST excellent!

    1. i am having the worst time with my connection mel. that’s what happened. in the middle of changing over templates i lost it and couldn’t get back on until tonight! geez, most embarrassing and seems to be getting worse. so now i do hope you can see it? let me know if any other troubles i cannot see on my end. i never know anymore… makes me most nervous to start something and i have lost countless comments because of this thing. drives me nuts and that’s not remarkable as i am certifiable but do not need anymore. 🙂

      me too on the one time quilter thing….painting is quicker! i might try to get that back up..it’s actually a painting by Paul Klee. but it looks exactly like one! and mel, i have sent some to you, , i hope they get the message…! 😀 thanks sweets for your kind words and i have missed you and am glad you are back up and running…how is sis? i apologize i haven’t been around for obvious reasons. hoping all is going as smoothly as it can. xoxoxox

  2. Good morning Linda~

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can now read your post! And I see from what Mel shared, she had the same problem yesterday. Hope you got the email I sent you!

    Faaaaaaaaaabulous post!

    OMG….you had me laughing my tush off!

    “and I looked over to see they were still chasing each other as the females happily clucked an acre away! So you see… they send mixed messages on the intelligence quotient.”


    You GO, girls!

    Awesome photos! LOVE the second one down. OMG…what amazing color and clarity you captured!

    I love where you live, Linda. It’s like a magical wonderland!

    And thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend……

    (((((( You ))))))


    1. hi ron…
      i just now sent you an email about your warning my blog was messed up. i could not get back on for HOURS! drove me nuts! i explained in the email …

      anyway glad you liked my turkey “friends” … hmmmm…. strangest creatures, aren’t they? i watch them and truly can see how birds and dinosaurs are related! or so they say…

      as for the “magical wonderland” i suppose i might adopt that attitude were it not for the bugs, snakes, mud, very large flying things, black birds-2 dozen at last count ALL wanting to build nests in my courtyard. it’s like everyone is in “lust” right now and really, it”s just disgusting! 😉 wish they’d develop a bit of decorum and stop this mindless breeding everywhere they stand.


  3. When I tried to get to your blog yesterday, I just got nothingness! What a hassle you’ve been having. Hope it’s cleared up now.

    We, too, have those turkeys around here, but fortunately they stay in a field about a half a mile from here. We have tons of blackbirds here, too, and I don’t like it when they come in and bully the finches and cardinals. And the rose breasted grossbeaks haven’t even shown up yet…..I hope the black birds aren’t scaring them away too. Meanwhile the huge bunnies are out there every day, and probably reproducing every day, and if we don’t get that garden fence finished, we won’t dare plant any veggies!

    And I don’t know how you can handle the rattlesnakes. We have snakes here, just harmless garden snakes, and I freak out every time I see one. I would die on the spot if they were rattlers!

    Hugs my friend!

    1. It’s never cleared up unfortunately and for some strange reason, getting worse all the time. I think there are more using it and less bandwidth to go around. It’s getting really terrible to do anything and even then, I have a little “MiFi” gadget that actually isn’t even on the network and still it’s crashing. No ideas at all… just life, it’s impermanent!

      I hate blackbirds and am doing battle as we speak. HATE them, they are the most obnoxious birds. and they will chase everything else away. EXCEPT Bella, so now she’s patrolling and i hope it helps. and bunnies? well we call them jack rabbits because bunnies just doesn’t suit these critters. so far, due to dog, they’re keeping a distance. YAY! I wrote about the rattler last year when he came in the house. You might have forgotten selectively 😉 but i will repurpose and post it again one day. i shall warn you ahead. xxx

  4. No need to repost the rattler…..I remember well. I would never set foot in the house again! You are a better woman than I!

    1. dear marge…as i did before, if and when i post that story again and really, it’s so good….i shall post a warning for you … actually i was surprised that others asked me to remove a photo of a snake! 🙂 no worries, my dear.

  5. They are hilarious at a distance. You got some great shots, Linda!

  6. I got here a weird way via your note to me…hadn’t been able to before just by the email/heads up to your posting.???don’t know why. but missed you and glad to be back. Turkey head so colorful and beautiful needs to be drawn and painted, may I?
    Your tree up above is awesome. Have I told you how much I love how you spread paint around? So fantastically wonderful outcomes.

    1. lynn, weird you had so much trouble but who knows…i know there’s a sign in and i am trying to make it so it’s only once…i finally found the setting. there’s so many settings on WP but i am liking here much more. NO SPAM!! YAY, at least that i have to deal with! i think maybe it’s google/blogger and it’s not linking back to me if you are using a past comment to you? i just lately started using the open ID thingy to link back here. otherwise, no idea but am glad to see you again….your newest little one is so precious, lucky grandma! xx

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